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Minneapolis Residendential Landscaping and commercial
Written by Administrator
Sunday, 14 August 2011 23:31
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Minneapolis Commercial Landscaping


The landscape surrounding your company's building is the image that you present to the people that see it every day. Your landscape has the potential to welcome visitors, please clients, satisfy tenants and create a pleasant environment for employees. Green Hills Irrigation takes every step to ensure that your commercial landscape is beautiful and functional as well as innovative. Our trained professionals are fully capable of exceeding your commercial landscape needs and goals.



In the past Green Hills Irrigation has provided outstanding commercial services to commercial properties as diverse as corporate campuses, parks surrounding offices, retailers like malls or shopping centers, apartment buildings and residential parks.

From planning to completion, we promise to complete projects on time, budget and well ahead of schedule. We also have maintenance professionals that will continue to enhance the beauty of your commercial property and provide you with the image that your company or property needs in order to be successful. Among the maintenance services that we provide are planting, mowing, controlling weeds, irrigating, soil analysis and fertilizing.

Commercial Services Are:


  • Maintaining Property
  • Mowing Grass
  • Caring for Trees and Shrubs
  • Fertilizing
  • Designing and Installing
  • Controlling Weeds
  • Aerating
  • Removing Leaves
  • Mulching and Caring for Beds
  • Dethatching

Mulch | Delivery | Installation

green Hills Mulch Delivery and Installation Company

Green Hills Landscaping delivers and installs all types of mulch; hardwood, shredded, chipped, playground and even rubber mulch products as well.

Green Hills Landscaping can deliver and properly install any available kind of mulch.  There are several types and colors of mulch available so the choice can be overwhelming sometimes.  Please call and request a free consultation to discuss what mulch types are best for your property and garden areas.  Green Hills Landscaping is able to deliver and install all types of topsoil, fill or rock.  Our capacity for mulch installation is only limited by your request.

Professional mulch installation company

Mulch | Delivery | Installation | green Hills| 612 718 9126

Mulch Delivery

GreenHills Landscaping is able to deliver any amount of mulch to the Minneapolis mn  area.  Delivery prices vary depending on your location.  Please contact us to request a free consultation or material and delivery estimate.

Mulch Installation

limmeapolis Mulch installation by Green Hills Landscaping will include earth edging along all the garden areas that meet lawn, cultivation of existing mulch to turn it over and help it biodegrade so that it turns into soil, debris removal and general clean up before the mulch is installed.  After the beds are properly cleaned of waste and properly cultivated to insure proper drainage and soil condition; a fine layer of mulch or top dressing of mulch will be installed.

We are careful to only top dress your garden areas because too much mulch will not biodegrade correctly and will cause fungus and disease problems killing plants and bushes.  An earth edge is usually requested by our clients because it is a professional look and it helps to keep the grass from growing into your gardens.  GreenHills Landscaping can also remove old mulch if there is too much in one area and causing disease or fungus issues.  Soil cultivation of the old mulch is a great way of conditioning the garden soil to help with microbial and nutrient enhancement which will help your plants and bushes.

Mulch Types

  • Hardwood Mulch- Premium, shredded hardwood for mulching around trees and in the garden. Bulky material and multi-ground material also available.
  • Fine Mulch – Double | Triple ground and aged hardwood mulch sometimes can be mixed with our Black Gold Compost. This product is perfect for landscape and garden applications.  Long lasting color and great benefit to the soil as it is easier and quicker to break down to create new nutrient rich soil.
  • Compost – Triple ground and aged hardwood mulch mixed with organic material to insure a high level of microbial life. This mulch is finely textured with a “coffee grounds soil” appearance and is ideal for mulching perennials and flower beds.
  • Screened Chips – Chipped hardwood from slabs and scraps uniform in size, with low bark production. Good for walking paths & playground areas.
  • Color-Enhanced Mulch – Durable alternative to oak bark and cedar mulches, these color-enhanced mulches retain their color and texture up to 18 months.  Many colors available.
  • Pot Mix Soil | Mulch - A mixture of aged hardwood mulches and compost material. Rich in organics, microbial life and natural fertilizers for beautiful flowers and great performing potted plants.
  • Pine Bark - Consists of shredded and composted bark from pine trees; a fantastic product for a ground covering under an evergreen tree or bush.  Overtime as the pine bark mulch breaks down it becomes a great source of food for evergreen plants.
  • Many Mulch Types – There are many other types of mulch and each serve a purpose so call or email with a any questions or to request a free consultation
  • Rubber Mulch Options – Bagged and bulk rubber mulch. Great mulch product for playground areas.
Mulch Delivery and Installation Serivice | Greenstone Landscaping

Mulch types





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